Selecting the Right Lifter for Your Raised Floor Tiles

Selecting the Right Lifter for Your Raised Floor Tiles
The greatest method to take away raised ground panels is through the use of the industry-standard double suction cup panel lifter. Not solely is it extra environment friendly and simpler than different choices, it additionally eliminates utilizing makeshift instruments like a screwdriver or knife, stopping injury to the costly and delicate tiles and understructure. Using the proper lifter may even scale back the threat of harm and prolong the lifespan of raised ground techniques.
Types of Lifters for Computer Floor Tiles
There are 4 main varieties of lifters used to take away a raised ground tile:
How to Properly Lift Raised Floor Tiles?
As with most issues, there’s a proper method to elevate and change ground panels — and a incorrect method. Panels ought to solely be lifted with the correct gadget, similar to a spiked carpet lifter or a suction lifter for laminate or vinyl information middle ground tiles. Panel lifters are solely designed to elevate the tiles, and customers shouldn’t attempt to stroll or transfer with the raised ground tile with a lifter connected. Instead, lifters facilitate handbook removing of the panel.
To use a lifter, place the device diagonally throughout the panel, guaranteeing an efficient suction grip. Test this grip by pulling on the handles earlier than trying to boost the panel. Next, increase the ground tile in a horizontal airplane so it should clear any adjoining panels with out getting jammed or making use of extreme drive. Once it is away from the ground floor, rotate it and relaxation it on close by panels. Once the panel is eliminated, take away the lifting device from the floor and maintain the panel by the sides to relocate it.
The Dangers of Using Improper Tools
The proper device ought to at all times be used for the job at hand, and with out them raised ground panels are prone to break. One panel lifter is beneficial for each 500 sq. ft of panels to stop staff from utilizing makeshift instruments like screwdrivers or knives to take away raised ground panels. Doing so may cause the edge trim to warp and fall off, or it could chip the laminate, as entry ground panels weren’t designed to be pried up.
Additional Recommendations
Panels ought to at all times get replaced in a vertical movement, guaranteeing the panel seats correctly on the pedestals, and solely single rows of panels needs to be lifted at one time. This technique will preserve the lateral stability of the ground system with the panels eliminated.
When entry is required to the house beneath the raised ground techniques, solely panels straight over the work space needs to be eliminated. The first panel should be lifted utilizing considered one of the acceptable lifting units defined above, utilizing the device to tug the panel up far sufficient over the floor airplane that it could be eliminated by hand. If extra adjoining tiles should be eliminated, a hand could also be positioned below every to softly elevate them out.
Never disturb the stage adjustment of help pedestals or the place of the stringers, and use a carpet shoehorn to reinstall factory-laminated carpet panels with out trapping carpet pile. A carpet shoehorn may also be used to reinstall panels with trim to make sure a protracted lifespan. Finally, double-check that each one panels are correctly in place, safe and stage when changing any raised ground tiles.

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