Efficient Designer Kitchen Transformation

Efficient Designer Kitchen Transformation

When Peter Halstead returned from his two-week vacation, he was delighted to learn that his bespoke, modern kitchen have been completed and was perfect right down to the last detail.

Kitchen Design Center had finished the complete project without the disruption to Peter’s day-to-day life.

This is particularly impressive because, as well as the kitchen design and fitting, the business was in charge of project managing the re-plastering, electrics and decoration.

Peter, from Brierfield, chosen a complete redesign to bring his old-fashioned kitchen based on the rest of his contemporary-style home.

After visiting several showrooms, he decided Kitchen Style Centre was, by considerably, the best option.

A pal, who also had a Kitchen Style Center kitchen installed, had told him about the business’s high quality kitchen style and workmanship.

Mr Halstead said: “The business’s design ideas were exceptional and I loved the fact there is zero pressure to come quickly to an immediate decision.

“Everything was told me within an easy-to-understand way and the designers had been self-confident and had a apparent knowledge of what was had a need to make my kitchen ideal.”

Following initial consultation, developer Simon Thomas quickly surely got to grips using what was necessary to maximise the entire potential of the offered space.

After two weeks’ fast, efficient and meticulous function, the area was transformed right into a modern, clutter-free kitchen with gloss lacquer doors and a terra oak finish.

Simon said: “We knew what works right away and used proven style principles to match Mr Halstead’s ideas.

“Although We was the traveling force behind the look, he was quite meticulous in the details.

“The largest challenge in this work, however, was the small amount of time body we had to complete the task. Our well-organised team could comprehensive the fitting, re-plastering, electrics and decoration with swiftness and accuracy.”

German handless kitchens like this could be relatively small, however the new style certainly employs all of the available space.

“The area feels much bigger than it really is,” said Peter. “And although there are no extra home windows, the area feels brighter and even more airy too. This is attained through the innovative style and also the LED lighting.”

There are various extra design features, causeing this to be kitchen a pleasure to work in and suiting Mr Halstead’s needs.

One innovative feature was an angled extractor enthusiast, which is specifically made to accommodate Mr Halstead’s elevation.

Cutting-edge appliances add a highly efficient combi-oven, gas hob, fridge, dishwasher and waste materials management system.

The contemporary fridge carries a 0> compartment, made to keep vegetables clean for four times much longer than usual.

Mr Halstead said: “Kitchen Design Center was fast and efficient, keeping me personally informed of ongoing improvement.

“Following my experience, I’d definitely recommend Kitchen Style Centre to my close friends.”

With the task on his kitchen complete, Mr Halstead attended a cooking Masterclass at his local Kitchen Design Centre showroom.

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